Food & Agro Products

Rice , Indian Origin

Indian Basmati Rice like Supreme quality Basmati Rice, Traditional Basmati Rice, 1121 Basmati White ( raw/steamed), 1121 Basmati Parboiled (Sella) Rice, Pusa Basmati Rice etc.

Vietnamese Rice

We can offer 5% and 25% broken.


We also deal in Black and Darjeeling Tea from India.


We offer premium quality Teak and Rose wood of African Origin.

Edible Oil

Crude Palm Oil, of African origin . Packages in most hygienic conditions under the strict Quality control parameters.

Food Processing

Recognizing the importance of knowledge based agriculture in 21st century; Food Processing & Agribusiness as Emerging opportunities and strategic thrust areas for the Industry, Induna can help planning to set up Food Processing Units/ Factories, for instance, potato flakes plants, with moderate capacity to convince the local farmers of the potential and credibility of the enterprise, together with setting up other food processing units for example, Jams, Juice , Chutney and Meat etc.

Metals and Minerals.

Manganese ore. Manganese is a metal with important industrial metal alloy uses, particularly in stainless steels.
Ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Please contact us for your requirements both for Logistics and Agro, we will be glad to help you.

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  • INDUNA starts business in Ghana

    Early, in 2012 Induna started concentrating in Trading Business and with the growing demand of Crude Palm Oil across the Globe, Induna decided to enter into an Agreement with a Company in Ghana for the supply of Crude Palm Oil 5000 MT bi-monthly, and the Trade Agreement was signed in Accra on 27th March 2012.

  • US$15 million in 2012-2013

    The signing of the agreement will provide to develop a strategic partnership and establish a stable trading relationship between the two companies . The trade turnover between the two companies is estimated to reach US$15 million in 2012-2013.

  • Coconut Water and Fruit Juices

    Apart from the Palm Oil Business, Induna was able to build up good business prospects to sell Coconut Water and Fruit Juices filled in cans to Dubai and other regions in Gulf .

  • Food processing.

    With the good business possibilities , Induna is trying to set up Units in Ghana, teaming up together with Companies in Germany, France and Netherlands to set up a Juice filling line for the export of coconut water and pineapple juices to Dubai and other Gulf Countries.

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Our team includes number of efficient workers, engineers, professionals who are expert in their respective fields of working. The years of experience of our professionals enables us to specialize in our lines of products and services. Our team members are hard working, determined and aim to deliver maximum consumer satisfaction through their quality products and services. We work together to sustain higher quality standards.

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